Instructions Personalized Wall Decal

Your sticker is made up of 3 different components:
Transparent Application layer – With Paper Backing Layer - Vinyl Wall Sticker

Although it is relatively easy to apply wall stickers, we do recommend that you follow the next steps to ensure that you put your wall sticker up correctly.

Step 1: Prepare the surface
Your surface should be clean, smooth and dry. Clean the surface. Removing any dirt or oil from the surface is very important.
Be sure the wall is dry before placing the decal. If you've painted within the last 3 weeks make sure your paint is completely set.

Step 2: Prepare the placement
Leave the white paper backing on, cut the individual images out and temporarily tape them to the surface, so you know exactly where you want them to go.
Step back and examine how it fits the space. Make any adjustments until you are happy with how it looks.

Step 3: Peel off the white backing paper
Take one image at a time, with the design face down, start at a corner and peel the white backing paper off the clear transfer tape, rolling it back as you go.

Step 4: Time to apply the sticker
Carefully stick down your sticker with the sticky side of the clear transfer tape (and the vinyl) facing the destination surface. You can use your credit card or squeegee to stick the sticker (and application layer) to the
surface. Gently rub the design onto the surface, smoothing out any imperfections and pushing out air bubbles.

Step 5: Remove the clear transfer tape
Wait 3-5 minutes then peel back the clear transfer paper ensuring the vinyl sticker is fully adhered to your surface. Work slowly and take your time to ensure accuracy. Roll back the clear transfer tape just like you did with
the white backing paper. As you go, the vinyl design should remain on the destination surface.
Go slow. Breathe. Go slow. And now for the final step...

Step 6: Sit back and enjoy your wall sticker
Enjoy it. And take a picture to send to us so we can put it up on our product pages! Help us spread how it looks

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